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keepsake bin for an organized house. Purchase from Dwell Organized, professional organizer in Kelowna.


Keep all childhood memories stored in our signature Memory Tote. From artwork, report cards, photos and certificates; this is a wonderful way to keep items organized all the way through to high school graduation! A great gift idea!


I create custom spice jars with unique vinyl labels for a cohesive look. Sold in groups of 3. 

Sold in Groups of 3


custom spice jars for purchase. Perfect for an organized and minimal house. Purchase from Dwell Orgainzed, Professional Organizer in Kelowna


dwell organized gift certificate for organization services. Dwell Organized is located in Kelowna, BC.


Imagine the feeling of entering your home to see that everything is in its place and there’s a place for everything. Imagine finding extra floor space, room inside closets and cabinets, room to park your car in the garage, finding a sense of calm and order. Know someone that could use some organization? We’ve got the gift for them! Available in any amount.